About AS

Intrigued by the paranormal? Interested in a multitude of world views on religion, theology, science, and the unexplained?  Looking to share new and interesting ideas and methods of investigating Paranormal Phenomena?  You have come to the right place!

Altered States Paranormal Internet Radio has everything you could ask for.  We go in depth about the issues and phenomena YOU want to hear about, and even some you may never have know existed!  Listen to top paranormal authors, speakers, researchers, and personalities discuss a wide range of topics from Cryptids to Demons, Ghosts to Poltergeists, Psychic phenomena to UFOs.  We here at Altered States TRULY have it all.

Join hosts David Harvey and Thomas Durant as they dig deep and interview leading researchers in Theology, Spirituality,  Quantum Physics, Anthropology, Cryptozoology, Demonology, Ufology, and much more!  With a bit of wit, and a lot of know-how, these two active researchers break down complex ideas for anyone to understand, while maintaining a level of complexity that is lost to most paranormal podcasts.  But what’s a true research team without a field correspondent?  Well, that’s why Altered States Paranormal Radio has teamed up with Comedian and Paranormal Junkie Karen Rontowski of the Supernatural Junkyard, to get the latest and greatest (or at least funniest) info from her travels across the USA.

If great info and a sense of humor isn’t enough for our listeners, you also will get to listen to great independent music from award winning indie musicians.  Why break an act with boring commercials.  We aren’t getting paid to do this, but it IS our passion, so we want to fill our spaces with music meant to inspire!

Know of a great guest for the show?  Please contact us if you have suggestions regarding possible guests, questions for upcoming guests, news and media regarding the paranormal that you want to hear mentioned on our show, or anything else you can think of. We are a show by the people for the people and we want to make sure your voice is being heard!

So here we are, at the crossroads, looking into the void and witnessing the Altered States of reality… Join us!


Thomas Durant (aka Tomy D) |  Host / Co-Producer

Thomas Durant is a Television Editor and an independent paranormal investigator currently based in southern CA.  Tomy works as a Paranormal Consultant for various teams and researchers across the United States and the focus of his research is the phenomenon known as “Shadow People” as well as work in Malevolent Spirit/Demonic cases.

As an avid investigator and researcher, Tomy loves sharing the knowledge he has gleaned to aid clients and teams in difficult situations as well as to help promote spiritual safety and common sense to the Paranormal Community at large.

David Harvey (aka…Dave) |  Co-Producer / Co–Host / Music Director

David Harvey is an independent paranormal researcher with extensive experience on residential cases and historic sites. David is the former historian and researcher for The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society, and the co-producer, co-host, and music director for Altered States Paranormal Radio Podcast.

David gives numerous lectures and radio interviews on the topic of the Paranormal and is also the instructor for the upcoming “Things Shouldn’t Go Bump in the Night: Paranormal Investigations in Museums and Historic Sites” for Museum Classes Online (http://museumclasses.org/)

David has over 30 years experience in the museum and cultural preservation fields. He has been a museum blacksmith, an archaeologist, and historian. His long current career as a professional museum, art, artifact, architecture, and sculpture conservator and museum consultant with projects ranging from The Alaska State Museum to The Metropolitan Museum of Art , and a close encounter with the first artifacts that were raised from the RMS Titanic. David has been interviewed by NPR, “All Things Considered” and his research into early American Iron making was featured on the PBS Show, “The Woodwright’s Shop”.



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