Episode 205 | Spiritual Protection & Malevolent Hauntings

Episode 205 | Spiritual Protection & Malevolent Hauntings


It has been approximately 2 years since the show has gone on hiatus.  After a number of dedicated fans and friends asking us if we were planning on coming back, and after realizing just how much FUN Dave and I have doing this show, we decided it’s time to blow the dust and cobwebs off the old website, and get things rolling once again!  You asked for it, and now you are going to get it!  Check back in a week with information about our first guest of the year, and you’ll also be getting a fun and informative show from Dave and I about the controversial topic of Spiritual Attachments:  How to prevent, identify, and handle a pesky follower.  Now if these tips only worked on Bill Collectors!  Until then, enjoy this old episode from the archives.  Much love to you all and thank you all so much for your support in wanting us back.